Books and Melodies

The used book and record shop has been in Syracuse since 1993. Thousands of books and records line the shelves and fill crates in the shop and its basement.

Salt City Harvest Farm

The Syracuse farm helps refugees get back to their farming roots that they may have left when they left their home country. The farm also gives a portion of its produce to each of the refugees as part of the program.

Camillus Memorial Day Parade

Every Memorial Day morning, town residents and official gather around the streets of Camillus as organizations and committees parade down the route.

Jordan Memorial Day Parade

Town residents gather along Jordan streets every Memorial Day afternoon, and the celebration concludes with a performance of two local bagpipe groups.

Wayne Vision

The optician and eyewear shop wanted to showcase its featured glasses they sell in the store. I spent time in the store capturing pictures of the glasses as they’re presented in the store to be featured on their website.


Transformation Yoga Project — Mike Huggins Clips

Mike Huggins, founder of TYP, lectured at an event at Willistown Friends Meeting. The various clips are about his findings before and after starting the trauma-sensitive yoga nonprofit.

Glazed & Confused Syracuse Donut Shop

The Syracuse donut shop opened last year after gaining popularity at CNY food festivals with its popular flavors like The Dizzy Pig, Elvis Strikes Back and Cereal Killer.

Great Lakes 360

The state park is a popular Syracuse destination for hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing and golfing. The 360 look at the park offers a new way to look at the park.

3D Printing in 30 Seconds

This short social video clip shows how easy 3D printing can be. Produced at SU’s MakerSpace, the 3D print was a Cuse keychain, and the video is a simple “how-to” 3D print.

“He’s Just Loving Life”

My cousin Billy was diagnosed with Choreiform movement disorder nine months after birth. The disorder leaves him with a lack of control of his muscles. This multimedia story tells his story and includes audio interview with his parents.