The Daily Orange

Asst. Feature Editor
Staff Writer

After a semester writing for The Daily Orange’s Pulp feature section, I joined the in-house staff as an Assistant Feature Editor. I worked with the team inside and outside of production to print the newspaper four times-a-week and plan 15 weeks of print and digital stories and collectives.

Eagle Newspapers

Reporting Intern

During the summer following my junior year at SU, I spent six weeks with the Eagle Newspaper team. Covering parades, town meetings and other feature stories, I worked with the editors of the Eagle Observer newspaper and the Homegrown magazine to produced stories and capture photos.

The South Side Stand

Content Editor/Writer

The Stand prints monthly sharing the stories of the South Side Syracuse community. I first started as a content editor, laying out stories to be printed. The following semester, I spent time in the South Side community with residents sharing stories about a volunteer homeless shelter, a 40-year-old hair salon and restoring one of its neighborhoods.

The NewsHouse

Content Producer

In my final semester at SU, I worked with the NewsHouse staff producing feature stories about the controversial Theta Tau videos, in which the story included Knight Lab’s Soundcite audio story features of soundbites from students about campus inclusion. Another multimedia story I worked on included pieces about a MakerSpace Center on campus.

Transformation Yoga Project

During my time as an intern and also as a contractor, I’ve written blog posts for each of the monthly campaigns. With each blog post, I’ve also written the social posts to go along with a graphic.

State Of Reentry In Philadelphia: Redefining Recidivism And Reentry

June is National Reentry Month, bringing awareness to those reentering into society after spending time in prison or correctional facilities.

Recovery Month “30 for 30” Donation Class Calendar

TYP hosted 63 donation yoga classes around the Greater Philadelphia area in support of their recovery programs. This is the full schedule and information for all the classes

Mindfulness And Mental Health Apps For Youth

Cell phones may not be the first tool to think of when trying to disconnect and destress, but mobile apps can provide helpful mindfulness strategies and services.